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Congratulations. You found the smut. Hopefully you didn't lie to the "Are you 18?" page or circumvent things by just typing in the URL. Material here is suited to an 18+ audience and may contain explicit sex, graphic violence, descriptions of rape/torture, and other things for which there will be explicit warnings. Please consult them before deciding to read. In true Web 1.0 fashion, any flames you send regarding the content you find here will be used to toast marshmallows and may be subject to public mockery.

Explicit works are marked with a modified oil symbol (white fluid) and works with troubling/dark content are marked with a skull (skull). Pairings are also marked as m/f (M/F), f/f (F/F), or m/m (M/M).

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(Compositions of exactly 100 words).

skullM/MEnvy (Dycedarg/Zalbag, Adrammelech/Zalbag | Implied Incest/Non-Con/Torture | AU): Dycedarg contemplates Adramelech's crimes.


Short one-shots that don't qualify as drabbles.

white fluidM/MBlasphemy (Wiegraf/Zalbag | 447 words | Explicit Content | PWP): Wiegraf toys with Zalbag's religiosity.

skullM/MGentle (Zalbag/Ramza | 551 words | Incest, Necrophillia, Mutual Non-Con | AU): "...Perhaps I shall have you fall to sins less lethal than fratricide."

white fluidskullM/MYield (Vormav/Izlude | 323 words | Explicit Content | Incest, Non-Con): Izlude endures.


Substantial and sometimes multi-chaptered works.

white fluidskullM/FThe Cuckoo (Dycedarg/Ruvelia | 19,306 words | Explicit Content | Pregnant Sex, Violence, Sexual Harassment): An account of a plot, an affair, a disaster, a comet, and a child. [Part I | Part II (white fluid) | Part III (skull) | Part IV (white fluid) | Part V (white fluid) | Epilogue]

white fluidskullM/MCustos Fratris Mei (Dycedarg/Zalbag, Adrammelech/Zalbag | 5,924 words | Explicit Content | Non-Con, Incest, Graphic Violence, Demonic Possession | AU): Following his failed attempt at revenge, Zalbag meets once more with the thing that was his brother.

skullM/MDisintegration (Cletienne/Zalbag | 1,302 words | Implied Non-Con, Explicit Gore/Torture, Eye Trauma): A series of episodes forgotten.

white fluidskullM/MIn Memoriam Mei (Wiegraf/Zalbag | 11,501 words | Explicit Content | Dubious Consent, First Time, Hatesex, Violence and Injury): In the midst of the Northern Sky's campaign against the Death Corps, two men recall a shared past. [Part I | Part II | Part III (white fluid) | Part IV (white fluid) | Part V (white fluid) | Part VI (white fluid/skull | Part VII]

white fluidM/MEx Ornamentis (Wiegraf/Zalbag | 9,897 words | Explicit Content | First Time, Non-Penetrative Sex, Hatesex, Scars): Two men with very different philosophies find themselves entangled in the politicking surrounding a war. [Prologue | Part I | Part II (white fluid) | Epilogue]

white fluidskullM/MEx Corporibus (Wiegraf/Zalbag, Belias/Zalbag | 8,725 words | Explicit Content | Non-Con, Violence, Demonic Possession): Roughly a month after having a fraught encounter with Wiegraf in Lesalia, Zalbag encounters him again--or at least something that wears his shape. Sequel to "Ex Ornamentis." [Prologue | Part I | Part II | Part III (white fluid/skull) | Part IV (skull) | Part V (skull) | Epilogue]

skullM/MThe Fugitive Serpent (Wiegraf/Izlude | 5,776 words | Dub-Con, Drunk Sex, First Time, Demonic Possession | AU): Wiegraf and Izlude experience unanticipated consequences in the wake of an incident on the road to Orbonne.

skullM/MIbi Dolor (Dycedarg/Zalbag, Adrammelech/Zalbag | 1,000 words Non-Con, Incest, Gore, Demonic Possession | AU): Following the resurrection of the High Seraph, some portion of House Beoulve persists.

skullM/MThe Impure King (Cúchulainn/Izlude, Wiegraf/Izlude | 6,137 words | Non-Con, Ritual Abuse | AU): “Perhaps we shall test the question ourselves—perhaps we shall find where sin lies in a mortal frame?”

skullM/MA Whited Sepulcher (Delita/Izlude | 4,872 words | >Dub-Con, Implied Ritual Abuse): Delita finds himself in new surroundings, in the midst of a family with new secrets.