Are you in search of some art, fic, fanmix, or other Final Fantasy Tactics related whatsnot frome the olde web? Have you read everything on Ao3 and want something new to you and unspeakably ancient to everyone else? Are you in desperate need of a set of Livejournal icons? While you can find some great links to archived websites and their artwork on the Links page, this part of the site is home to more targeted image/link collections designed to let you enjoy FFT content from years gone by.


Fic Archive: A set of links to old Final Fantasy Tactics fanfiction not presently hosted on either Fanfiction,net or Archive of Our Own.


Gifs and Graphics: Itty bitty FFT art from around the web.

Livejournal Icons: Final Fantasy Tactics themed icons from the era of Livejournal.

Pumpkinhead Oekaki Archive: A series of links to artwork from a popular Japanese imageboard.


WinAmp Skins: Links to fanmade skins for the media player WinAmp.