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Below is a list of all of the character birthdays in the game, categorized by astrological sign. If you want to read a thorough guide as to what this means on a mechanical level, I can't recommend ARobinson's Guide on GameFAQs enough. If, however, you are fanfiction-consuming garbage like I am, you can check out the goofy shipping wall I've compiled, which lists of all the ships I've seen on Archive of Our Own and tells you their compatibility according to in game mechanics.


January 20 - February 18

Cloud Strife: Uncertain (According to the Final Fantasy VII PSX manual, Cloud's birthday is August 19, and according to various Ultimania guides, it is August 11. While both of these dates would make him a Leo, he appears in Final Fantasy Tactics as an Aquarius.

Louveria Atkascha (Ruvelia Atkascha): January 20

Teta Hyral (Tietra Heiral): February 15 (If one does the math, this makes her about four months younger than her older brother...)


February 19 - March 20

Alicia: February 26

Reis Dular (Reis Duelar): February 26

Rafa Galthana (Rapha Galthena): March 1

Simon Pen Rakshu (Simon Penn-Lachish): March 18

ARIES (♈︎︎)

March 21 - April 19

Boco: Unknown (Boco has no Brave Story entry, so there is no way to determine how old he is or when his age increments; his sign as a unit, however, is always Aries)

Gelkanis Barinten (Gerrith Barrington): April 2

Lavian: March 23


April 20 - May 20

Ovelia Atkascha: May 11


May 21 - June 20

Mesodoram Elmdor (Messam Elmdore): May 21

Buremonda (Bremondt Freitberg): May 24

Izlude Tingel (Isilud Tengille): May 28

Kletian Drowa (Cletienne Duroi): June 6

Malak Galthena (Marach Galthena): June 9

Worker 8 (Construct 8): June 20


June 21 - July 22

Luso Clemens: Unknown (His birthdate is not listed in other Final Fantasy media of which I'm aware, but his sign in War of the Lions is Cancer)

Agrias Oaks: June 22

Zalbaag Beoulve (Zalbag Beoulve): June 30

Orran Durai (Olan Durai): July 5

LEO (♌︎)

July 23 - August 22

Balthier: Unknown (His birthdate is not listed in other Final Fantasy media of which I'm aware, but his sign in War of the Lions is Leo)

Vormav Tingel (Folmarv Tengille): July 23

Alma Beoulve: July 24

Bestrada Larg (Bestrald Larg): August 11

Balmafula Lanando (Valmafra Lenande): August 16

VIRGO (♍︎)

August 23 - September 22

Wiegraf Folles: August 23

Bordam Daravon (Bordam Darlavon): August 26

Golagros Levine (Gragoroth Levigne): August 26

Gaff Gafgarion (Goffard Gaffgarion): August 26

Algus Sadalfus (Argath Thadalfus): August 29

Miluda Folles (Milleuda Folles): September 4

Ajora Glabados: September 11

Druksmald Goltana (Druksmald Goltanna): September 16

LIBRA (♎︎)

September 23 - October 22

Bart Rudvich (Ludovich Baert): September 26

Beowulf Kadmus (Beowulf Cadmus): October 4

Gustav Margueriff (Gustav Margriff): October 11

Mustadio Bunanza (Mustadio Bunansa): October 15


October 23 - November 21

Dycedarg Beoulve: October 24

Cidolfas Orlandu (Cidolfus Orlandeau): November 10

Aliste Rosenheim: November 11

Alphons Draclau (Alphonse Delacroix): November 15

Besrodio Bunanza (Besrudio Bunansa): November 17


November 22 - December 21

Orinas Atkascha (Orinus Atkascha): November 23

Delita Hyral (Delita Heiral): November 25

Balk Fenzol (Barich Fendsor): December 6

Zalmo Rusnada (Zalmour Lucianada): December 7


December 22 - January 19

Rofel Wodring (Loffrey Wodring): December 23

Meliadoul Tingel (Meliadoul Tengille): December 24

Rad (Ladd): December 30

Marge Funeral (Marcel Funebris): December 31

Ramza Beoulve: January 12 (This is the date given for his birthday in the official manual, although the player may opt to assign him any birthday they choose.)

Omdoria Atkascha III (Ondoria Atkascha III): January 17