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Below is a glossary of people, locations, organizations, and other things that are alluded to within the game's side quests ("Jobs" in the original Playstation translation and "Errands" in PSP release) or in other parts of the narrative removed from in game cutscenes and traversable locations. The goal of compiling them here is to offer up an overview of setting material for Final Fantasy Tactics' Ivalice beyond what players typically absorb through a playthrough of the main plot.

War of the Lions translations of proper names are provided parenthetically where I'm aware of them.

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Anna: A singer from Warjilis. A clear homage to Final Fantasy IV’s Anna, she is the lover of the bard Gilbert from the area near Riovanes castle.

Adia Luka (Diara Luca): An eighteen-year-old summoner from Igros who transformed her pet into a monster through magical experimentation.

Audomra (Audamra): A Gougish machinist who wants to compete in the city’s machinist contest.

Bafai (Barfire): A Lionelese viscount; his mansion was raided at one point by the infamous bandit Zero (Zerro). Ramza’s company, should they be asked to investigate, abscond with his stolen belongings without actually catching the thief.

Bakord (Barfrost): A Zeltennian baron; his holdings were targeted by the infamous bandit Zero (Zerro). Ramza’s company, should they be asked to investigate, abscond with his stolen belongings without actually catching the thief.

Bamjik (Bardeth): A "Magic Duke" from Igros who was targeted by the infamous bandit Zero (Zerro). Ramza’s company, should they be asked to investigate, abscond with his stolen belongings without actually catching the thief.

Basanda (Barthundra): A Lesalian baron targeted by the infamous bandit Zero (Zerro). Ramza’s company, should they be asked to investigate, abscond with his stolen belongings without actually catching the thief.

Bashon (The Vashons): The leader of a Bervenian explorers' group.

Besbesta Karz (Bevester Karzst): Also knowns as "Whirlwind Karz" (Typhoon Karzst) A criminal operating out of Zardighas who was wanted for 765 counts of theft; he was eventually stopped by a mysterious ninja who worked in the city as an informant.

Bibid (Bibbit): A merchant from Warjilis who attempted to solicit help in finding undiscovered territories.

Bitz (Lady Vitts): The proprietor of an inn in Zeltennia; lost his (or her) son Garua (Gallua) in an accident after which he (she) persisted in thinking the dead child alive. Ramza's company could take a job looking for the boy after he was reported missing.

Bob (Roberts): The gardener to Baron Katasto (Catasto); helped his daughter Cornelia to orchestrate her own kidnapping under the guise of a man named “Jack the Ripper” (Jacques the rapeur).

Cornelia Katasto (Cornelia Catasto): The daughter of Baron Kastrato from Lionel; orchestrated her own kidnapping with the help of her family’s gardener in the hopes of forcing her parents to address their differences.

Carrot: The five-month-old pet marlboro of Countess Zalmasse. It regressed to its wild state and escaped from its owner. Ramza’s company is able to recover it as a part of a proposition

Dener (Dinar): A man from Dorter Trade City whose mother attempted to send him some roasted chocobo for his birthday. Should Ramza's party undertake to deliver it, they would discover that he had been killed by monsters the morning they were to deliver it, and would collaborate with his wife to keep the matter secret for the sake of the old woman.

Dish (Diesch): A dishonest informant working out of Goug; gave an incorrect tip that a ship loaded with the treasures of the legendary King Mesa had sunk off the Gougish coast.

Dr. Gel (Dr. Gell): A researcher from Limberry who was discovered attempting to make a giant golem. He apparently experimented in forbidden alchemy in the hopes of discovering the secret to resurrection.

Durman (Dorman): A seven-year-old boy at Gariland who struggled with math.

Eiku (Eke): A Berverian farmer who believed he saw a mysterious ruin near Mount Bekuta (Vector).

Emon (Eamon): A Berverian farmer who was looking for help elimating a local, out of control behemoth.

Fiar (Fia): A ten-year-old girl from a tiny fishing village near Riovanes. She managed to reach out for aid when the pirate family Burana (Braana) took members of her town hostage to prevent them from alerting the authorities.

Garua (Gallua): The dead six-year-old son of Zeltennia innkeeper Bitz (Vitts).

Gilbert (Edward): A clear homage to Final Fantasy IV’s Gilbert Chris Van Muir, Gilbert is a poet living in the area near Riovanes castle. His lover is a singer out in Warjilis named Anna.

Gogen (Gorgin): A geologist from Zardighas with an interest in the Himka (Himca) Cliffs.

Golden Gotsko (Twilight Gustkov): The leader of the Goland bandit group, the Wyberns.

Gomez: A Lesalian security officer who solicits help regarding the son of the Duke McEnroe: Pappal.

Gotch (Gotti): A nine-year-old boy who uncovered a rare ore at a mining tour sponsored by Thompson Services in Yardow.

Gordon: A dishonest Goland informant who stole the will of the Topa (Toppa) family, and then solicited help in finding the ore vein at described as being in the Coldman (Coldmann) Mountains.

Grandma Branch (Grandma Blanche): A woman from Zardighas who wished to send her son Dener (Dinar) some roasted chocobo for his birthday. Should Ramza's party undertake to deliver it for her, they would discover that her son had died, but would keep the fact concealed for her peace of mind.

Gump (Gamphrey): A Yardow informant with information about the wreck of a ship known as the Falcon.

Hamilton: A Yardow emissary who died aboard a ship known as the Falcon.

Hekkrum Mauhar (Heckern Maver): A forty-one-year-old spy inside of a Riovanese criminal syndicate smuggling rare, endangered chocobos.

Holeska (Holsecca): A manager at the Galesta Trading Company; he was understandably upset when the trad ship Douling sank with the company president’s birthday gift inside (although Ramza’s company is able to retrieve it as part of a proposition).

Katedona Lim (Cattedona Fimm): A nineteen-year-old mediator in Lionel who needs help gaining the confidence to overcome her shyness.

Kappa (Cupper): A Riovanese duchess looking to have her son, Mickey, tutored in advance of the Gariland Magic Exam.

Katasto (Catasto): A baron near Lionel; his daughter Cornelia staged her own kidnapping to force him to address his issues with his wife.

Kemia (Kemya): An old miner in Gariland; told the tale of the failed mine in the Urobos (Ourobos) mountains.

Kulach (Curatch): The proprietor of Red Whale Liquor (the Crimson Whale) in Riovanes.

Kyo (Kio): A Limberrian fisherman who encountered a strange creature at Poeskas Lake.

Lakaira (Lachayle): A Zeltennian Viscount who wanted his family treasure authenticated; his love of the item led to family strife.

Lylis (Lillith): An ancient demoness thought to be the mother of all life as well as the first among devils.

Mameko (Mameco): A travelling entertainer native to Igros. He is overcome with a melancholy that causes him to cease his act, but he can be convinced to return to performing by Ramza’s company.

McEnroe: A Lesalian Duke related to Omdoria III; sought assistance after his son, Pappal, was kidnapped by the Anti-Noble Federation.

Mickey (Michael): The twelve-year-old son of the Riovanese duchess Kappa; Ramza's company could offer him help studying for his magic exam.

Mesa: A well known historical king thought to have saved humanity at a time of crisis.

Minimum (Minimas): A wealthy count in Dorter known for his many contributions to charity and his problems dealing with the places in his home that are overly crammed with money and decorations. Should Ramza’s company undertake errands on his behalf, they may eventually discover.

The Mount Gulg Maiden: An apparition near Mount Gulg, said to be the ghost of a young girl who fell into the volcano; she appears as a maiden covered in flames.

Narman Jose (Nalman Hosse): The 41 year old president of the Lakam Trade Company (Larcam Mercantile) in Igros; complicit in drug smuggling.

Obem: A worker in the Ural mines, concerned about the cave mimic that has taken residence there.

Paul (Paulin): An informant in Zardighas exhorting people to help deal with the bandit known as "Whirlwind Karz" (Typhoon Karzst). He eventually dealt with the criminal himself in the guise of a mysterious ninja.

Palcono (Celebrant Palcino): A Goland priest who offers a reward for the destruction of the bandit group known as the Wyberns (Wyverns).

Panish (Vaniche): An informant with information as to a pirate attack that had sunk a ship carrying an envoy from Lionel Castle.

Pappal: The son of the Lesalian Duke McEnroe. After being briefly captured by the Anti-Noble Federation, he was returned to his father and thereafter went on a hunt for dragon tusks in the hope of impressing him.

Philopi: An Bervenian informant with a tip that work is resuming in the Balbak (Balvack) mines.

Ramzen (Lamzen): An adventurer from Romanda heading a group of explorers.

Randu (Landev): A Gariland informant interested in a series of rare books stolen from the Gariland Magic Academy.

Randy Aji (Rannold Azi): An adventurer looking into strange happenings on the Lenalian plateau.

Ronble (Lombell): A historian from Zardighas looking into the history of the fifteen black knights (Sable Swords) who used to operate as a militia combatting bandits.

Reira (Leila): Am informant with hot tips on the Black Jack's slot machines.

Sassandra (Cassandra): A Berverian farmer who was one of thirty killed by a rampaging behemoth.

Setzer: The twenty-seven-year-old owner of the Black Jack who was an advocate for the rights of gamblers and casino owners; an obvious reference to Setzer Gabianni from Final Fantasy VI

Tanard: An informant in Zaland who gives a tip as to a shipwreck in which a number of treasures headed to the Zaland Embassy were lost.

Topa (Toppa): An old miner whose will held the secret of a rich ore vein in the Coldman (Coldmann) mountains.

Une (Unei): An informant from Bervenia with knowledge of the Maze of No Return (Endless Caverns).

Wendel (Wendell): A botanist from Zardighas looking for samples of a rare plant in the Germinas forest .

Yarken: A Lionelese farmer who offered a tip as to the mysterious ruins out by Dougola Pass.

Yukki (Jecha): A Lionelese painter who has a tip about an undiscovered area in the vicinity of Zigolis swamp.

Zamas (Zalmasse): A countess living near Lionel castle whose pet malboro, Carrot, went missing after an atavistic reversion to its wild state.

Zero (Zerro): A famous thief and outlaw;

Zucini (Zuchina): An informant out of Riovanes who offers information about Gredia (Gleddia) Island.



Balbak Mines (Balvack Mine): Mines in the vicinity of Bervenia that were formerly the site of a gold rush.

Coldman Mountains (Coldmann Mountains): A mountain containing mines with a rare ore vein; it was at the center of a dispute between the Topa (Toppa) family in Goland and a man named Gordon.

Death Canyon (Devil's Ravine, Death Gorge): A site in the vicinity of Zardighas where there was rumored to be the buried remains of a demon. Fifteen black knights (the Sable Swords) used to patrol the valley until they were killed by bandits, and apparitions of them still seem to haunt the area.

Dukatia Mine (Ducatia Mine): A mine outside of Goland.

Jiris Bay (Warjiris Harbour): The Bay by the trade city of Warjilis. (The WotL translation seems to be incorrect, the Japanese reads “ジリス” for the bay and “ウォージリス” for the city.)

Farmeria Plateau: The mineral rich area where Goland Coal City is located.

Fuse Plains (Fusse Plains): The battle site where the Marquis Elmdor was reported to have died after being shot with a stray arrow.

Germinas Forest: A forest (presumably near the Germinas mountains) where the deadly Rafuresheva (Raffleshiva) plant grows.

Glenn Peaks: Mountains--presumably near Lesalia--where a fierce dragon lives.

God Canyon (Godsvale): An area near Zardighas with a mysterious set of catacombs underlying it. Ramza's company, should they attempt to excavate it for ore, will have an encounter with a strange man in shimmering robes whom the take for a deity.

Gredia Island (Gleddia Island): An island 15 sectas off the coast from Riovanes Bay. The currents here are strong, resulting in a number of shipwrecks; however, traders must still navigate around the island should they wish to land at Riovanes.

Gulg Volcano (Mount Gulg): A dormant volcano in the vicinity of Igros. A mysterious apparition has been sighted there, which appears to be the ghost of a young girl who stumbled over the volcano’s rim. Ramza’s party may build a shrine for her soul as part of a proposition. It seems to be a nod to the Gurgu Volcano from Final Fantasy I.

Gulofavia (Groffovia): The valley between Lesalia and Zeltennia where the first battle of the Lion War took place.

Himka Cliffs (Himca Cliffs): So high cliffs near Zardighas whose tops were perpetually hidden in cloud cover and which were rumored to extend infinitely into the sky. The geologist Gogen was interested in exploring them, and Ramza's company to investigate and discover that the did--in fact--have a top and that they overlooked a giant tree that might be the Ygdrassil.

Kanen Bay (Carnen Bay): The bay near Goug.

The Maze of No Return (Endless Caverns): A series of caves in the vicinity of Bervenia that disorient and confuse travelers caught within them.

Mount Algost: The source of Zirekile Falls in Lesalia.

Mount Bekuta (Mount Vector): The mountain near Warjilis where it rains all year round owing to the high temperatures; rumored to be infested with a mysterious white demon.

Mount Kusko (Mount Kasco): A mountain where brigands gather need Goland.

Mount Urobos (Mount Ourobos): A mountain in the presumed vicinity of Gariland. It was the site of a gold rush that had tapered off by the time of the Lion War.

Oh Mine (Orra Mine): A mine outside of Goug, famous for its rich gold veins. It was the site of an accident where 10 employees of the local mining company died.

Oval Bay (Obell Bay): The bay off the coast near Zaland.

Riovanes Bay (Riovanes Inlet): The bay off the coast of Riovanes.

Ruofons (Lefondes): The town in Limberry from which Algus and his family hail.

Seijita Bay: The Bay off the coast of Lionel

Ural Mine: A mine in the vicinity of Goland that becomes infested with a creature known as an "Assault Cave."



15 Black Knights (Sable Swords): A militia formed towards the end of the Fifty Years War to deal with bandits in the vicinity of Zardighas. They were eventually slain near Death Canyon, and apparitions of them have been spotted in the area.

Anti-Noble Federation: A group dedicated to abolishing the class system; comprised of three men in Lesalia. They kidnap Pappal, the son of Duke McEnroe at one point, and Ramza's company can take on work recovering him.

Banbel Trade (Barnvell Trading Company): A trading company in Goug whose merchant vessel, the Doga (Durga), was wrecked near Kanen (Carnen) Bay.

Estor Trading Company (Estore Trading Company): A trading company in Goug; at one point, one of their ships wrecked and a dishonest informant made claims that it carried materials relating to the ancient savior-king Mesa.

Chocobo Wool Co. (Chocobo Down Quilters) A company in Bervenia. It's owner sees what seems to be a lost ruin within the Bed Desert.

Garesta Trade (Galesta Trading Company): A trading company operating in Lionel. A ship known as the Douling sank with its president’s birthday gift on board, although it could be recovered by Ramza’s company as part of a proposition.

Gariland Magic Association: An order in Gariland that holds a yearly magic contest.

Gorpian Team (Gorphian's Machinists' Club): A machinists' group that Ramza's company can assist in winning the city's annual Machinist's Content.

Gizarl's (Gysahl's): A chocobo restaurant operating in Limbery.

Istanbul Trading Company (Eastgable Trading Company): A trading company smuggling illicit drugs; one of their ships, the Philadelphia (Delphi) wrecked by Gredia (Gleddia) Island off of Riovanes. Ramza’s company could salvage the ship as part of a proposition.

Ivalice Board of Education: Some manner of governing body as regards Ivalice academies; it intervened with regards to Riovanes Academy's use of corporal punishment.

Lakam Trade Company (Larcam Mercantile): A trading company run by Narman Jose that opperates a route from Igros to Dorter. Should Ramza's company offer to guard the cart, they will discover that the business is a front for drug smuggling.

Lesalia Tours (Lesalia Adventurer’s Guild): A tour company operating out of Lesalia that offers laypeople the ability to experience activities such as mining, salvage, and exploration. They seem to plant items for their clients to discover.

Red Whale Liquor (Crimson Whale): The Riovanese business.

Riovanes Academy (Riovanes Military Institute): An academy operating in Riovanes; it's students walked out to protest its use of corporal punishment, which was then banned by the Ivalice Board of Education.

Rolade Ore Company (Lorraide Ore Company): A mining company in Zaland that went bankrupt during the war of the Lions; visitors to their closed mithril mine could find the ghosts of their workers still toiling there.

Palsanba Trading Company (Psalmba Exports): A company responsible for a baked good known as “Choco-buns” (Chocobons). A merchant ship known as the Highwind was carrying a shipment of molds necessary to craft these confections when it was sunk off of the coast of Jiris Bay (Warjilis harbor) by a rival firm. Ramza’s company is able to recover these items as a part of a proposition.

Red Wing Charity: A charitable organization operation in Dorter (an obvious nod to the red wings from Final Fantasy IV).

Thompson Service (Thompson Traders): A service operation out of Yadrow that offers laypeople tour experiences in which they replicate the work of sailors and miners.

Vaccas Brewery (Bacchus Winery): A Dorter winery that makes an incredibly sweet liquor out of Bacchus seeds. A band of monsters led by a creature known as Lylis (Lillith) was attracted to the drink’s sweet smell and began making attacks on the company wains. Ramza's company is able to defeat these monsters as part of a proposition.

Wyberns (Wyverns): A Goland bandit gang led by "Golden Gotsko" (Twilight Gustkov)

Yardow Salvage Guild: A salvage company operating out of Yardow

Zaland Embassy: The embassy at Zaland.

Zaland Salvage Association: A salvage company operating out of Zeltennia. Ramza's company could take work from them after they reorganized following an internal corruption scandal

Zaland Trade Company: A company running out of Zaland. Their ship, the Hindenburg, wrecked off the coast of Oval Bay. Ramza’s company is able to salvage it as a part of a proposition.



Black-Caped Man (Black Cape): A mysterious phantom that wandered the streets of Zeltennia.

Bugross Octopus: Apparently the ocean in Ivalice has octopedes and they're tasty.

Choco-buns (Chocobons): A confection made by the Palsanba (Psalmba) Company.

Larner Crab (Rhana Crab): Apparently a delicacy from the Larner Channel (Rhana Strait).

Possy (Poessie): A cryptid inhabiting Poeskas Lake.

Rafuresheva (Raffleshiva): A cannibalistic plant growing in the Germinas Forest.

Red Mash (Red Mousses): Monster(s) inhabit that caves near Warjilis.

Sandworm: A monster inhabiting the Bed Desert.

Selseta plants (Celsettia Flowers): Flowers that grow in the Zigolis swamp.

Vaccas Wine (Bacchus Wine): A very sweet liquor made by the Vaccas (Bacchus) Winery in Dorter. It is made out of Vaccas fruit (Bacchus seeds).

Whisper Grass (Whisperweed): A plant that only grows once every thousand years; found in the caverns near Warjilis.