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While it is possible to view the entire text of the Sound Novel Oeilvert at the archived version of Tuffy DaBubba's website or on the Final Fantasy wikia, these versions of the text do not convey the game mechanics for the first portion of the game--now playable via The Lion War mod--during which the player must navigate through a series of interactions with the writer Pablo while managing a counter as to how certain the protagonist is that she can kill him. If the counter hits 0 before certain stories are told, the game will end with Simone being killed.

Below are the results of my attempts to figure out the points deducted for each response, which should be use to players trying to navigate this optional side story.


During the encounter with Sentir at the Pub L'Oiseau, he will ask Simone/Oeilvert how certain she is that she can kill Pablo. The player will have the option of stating that they are 120% sure, that they are 70% sure, or that Sentir should shut up and stop asking stupid questions (in which case the counter is not seen but still counts down).


After the encounter with Sentir, a series of scenes will occur in which Simone may react to various unfinished novels being pitched by Pablo. The order in which they appear will vary, but the goal should be to always keep the counter as high as possible. In general, responses in which Simone expresses frustration or dismissiveness toward Pablo are more likely to produce lower deductions to the counter, whereas responses that seem positive or encouraging will incur greater penalties.

Sapphire Chapel

Base deduction: -3

  1. "I'd like to see the finished product." (-8)
  2. "I hate the stink of barbarians." (-25)

Matoya's Cave

Base deduction: -3

  1. "Will it be done before the seas dry up?" (-14)
  2. "I like the atmosphere. Sounds promising." (-23)

Lociotti and the Uribo

Base deduction: -3. The additional points subtracted will depend on which path Simone chooses in pursuing the fictional uribo.

  1. "When will you be finished with this foolishness?" (Go Right: -10; Go Ahead: -13; Go Left: -15)
  2. "How about finishing it up?" (-27)

Monster World!

Base deduction: -6

  1. "Sounds boring."
    1. "You mean you don't keep a diary?" (-15)
    2. "Autre? Say that again." (-10)
  2. "Sounds interesting." (-26)

Annals of the Hassell Clan

Base deduction: -6

  1. "I think you're wasting your time writing this stuff (-19)"
  2. "Peace? Really?" (-21)


This encounter will trigger around the time the counter dips under 60 points. At this point, Poissonerie will press Simone as to why she is taking so much time in completing her mission. The is one of the only points where you can recoup lost points during the initial sequence. Just as with the many iterations of the "Kill Pablo" option, attempting to kill Poissonerie will cause the game to end.

  1. "Did you come here just to sneer at me?" (+9)
  2. "That man's hiding an important secret!" (-12)


This is the final story in the sequence, and there is no automatic death for having the counter fall to zero at this point. For more information as to how to navigate the game from this point on, check out one of the extant transcripts, which will let you know the correct paths to choose to secure different endings.

Base deduction: -18

  1. "That's Duchamp you're writing about!" (-14)
  2. "And you didn't remember anything?" (-10+)