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While the in game mechanics for zodiac compatibility do not seem to have much to do with the narrative relationships of various characters, neither does the logic of a lot of shipping! For fun, I've assembled below a comprehensive list of the ships between characters that have been tagged for Final Fantasy Tactics works on Archive of Our Own and ranked them by compatibility as per the game system.

Note: For the ships below, I am using January 12 for Ramza's birthday, which is what is listed for him in the game manual. Additionally, I am using the astrological signs associated with Lucavi within the game's story as their sign, even though Lucavi as enemy units retain the sign of their human host.


(The disappointingly heteronormative game mechanics dictate that these combinations are ranked as highest compatibility for male/female units and as lowest compatibility for male/male or female/female units.)

Agrias/Meliadoul: Cancer (♋︎)/Capricorn (♑︎)

Alma/Teta (Tietra): Leo (♌︎)/Aquarius (♒︎)

Delita/Izlude (Isilud): Sagittarius (♐︎)/Gemini (♊︎)

Ramza/Agrias: Capricorn (♑︎)/Cancer (♋︎)

Ramza/Olan (Orran): Capricorn (♑︎)/Cancer (♋︎)

Zalbag (Zalbaag)/Ramza: Cancer (♋︎)/Capricorn (♑︎)


Dycedarg/Zalbag (Zalbaag): Scorpio (♏︎)/Cancer (♋︎)

Ramza/Algus (Argath): Capricorn (♑︎)/Virgo

Ramza/Ovelia: Capricorn (♑︎)/Taurus (♉︎)

Mustadio/Malak (Marach): Libra (♎︎)/Gemini (♊︎)

Wiegraf/Meliadoul: Virgo (♍︎)/Capricorn (♑︎)


Agrias/Ovelia: Cancer (♋︎)/Taurus (♉︎)

Algus (Argath)/Teta (Tietra): Virgo/Aquarius (♒︎)

Alica/Lavian: Pisces (♓︎)/Aries (♈︎︎)

Alma/Ramza: Capricorn (♑︎)/Leo (♌︎)

Beowulf/Reis: Libra (♎︎)/Pisces (♓︎)

Delita/Olan (Orran): Sagittarius (♐︎)/Cancer (♋︎)

Hasmallim (Hashmal)/Kletian (Cletienne): Leo (♌︎)/Gemini (♊︎)

Olan (Orran)/Balmafula (Valmafra): Cancer (♋︎)/Leo (♌︎)

Ovelia/Delita: Taurus (♉︎)/Sagittarius (♐︎)

Mustadio/Agrias: Libra (♎︎)/Cancer (♋︎)

Mustadio/Ovelia: Libra (♎︎)/Taurus (♉︎)

Ramza/Cid: Capricorn (♑︎)/Scorpio (♏︎)

Ramza/Delita: Capricorn (♑︎)/Sagittarius (♐︎)

Ramza/Meliadoul: Capricorn (♑︎)/Capricorn (♑︎)

Ramza/Rad (Ladd): Capricorn (♑︎)/Capricorn (♑︎)

Vormav (Folmarv)/Kletian (Cletienne): Leo (♌︎)/Gemini (♊︎)

Vormav (Folmarv)/Rofel (Loffrey): Leo (♌︎)/Capricorn (♑︎)

Wiegraf/Zalbag (Zalbaag): Virgo/Cancer (♋︎)


Adramelk (Adrammelech)/Zalbag (Zalbaag): Capricorn (♑︎)/Cancer (♋︎)

Algus (Argath)/Izlude (Isilud): Virgo/Gemini (♊︎)

Alma/Dycedarg: Leo (♌︎)/Scorpio (♏︎)

Dycedarg/Larg: Scorpio (♏︎)/Leo (♌︎)

Dycedarg/Ruvelia (Louveria): Scorpio (♏︎)/Aquarius (♒︎)

Rafa (Rapha)/Malak (Marach): Pisces (♓︎)/Gemini (♊︎)

Velius (Belias)/Zalbag: Aries (♈︎︎)/Cancer (♋︎)

Wiegraf/Izlude (Isilud): Virgo (♍︎)/Gemini (♊︎)