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[More church fighters stand in the library chamber, Izlude among them.]

IZLUDE: I didn't expect you to find us here! But, just in time. Heretic Ramza, hand us the stone!

RAMZA: No, why don't you give me yours? Do as I say and I'll let you live!

IZLUDE: You think you can beat us?! Then I'll take it by force!


IZLUDE: Why do you go against us Ramza? Though you're a Beoulve, you don't obey your brothers. Why?

RAMZA: It's because I'm a Beoulve that I don't obey them! The name shouldn't be used for self-gain, but rather for divine 'justice'! During the War, my father fought and died to save the people from invasion... Beoulves must not fight for a defunct royal family, but only for Noble rights!

IZLUDE: Then, let's fight together! Our goals are the same! Listen well, Ramza! The Glabados want a world where all people are equal! St. Ajora's ideal world, is 'God's world'! You know people don't trust the royal family or nobility! We must do something before Ivalice is ruined!!

RAMZA: You started this war! Was that the will of God?

IZLUDE: Certain sacrifices must be made for the revolution! Decadent royalty and nobles must pay! For the people! Now, cooperate with us. As Delita did!

RAMZA: It sounds good when you say 'for the people', but what you really want is... a stronger army than the Knights, and the evil power to control the people.

IZLUDE: 'Evil power'? No, the stone is 'holy'! We want to guide people by God's miracle! Never 'evil power'!

RAMZA: You know the Cardinal joined Lucavi, right? If that's not 'evil power', I don't know what is!

IZLUDE: What do you mean? You killed the Cardinal and took the stone from him! But he died because he was secretly collecting the Holy Stone for us.


IZLUDE: Damn! I refuse to acknowledge his power! I can't die... I must bring the stone back! Ramza, The next time I see you, will be your last! Remember!

RAMZA: Wait! Izlude!!

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