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Do you deeply hate and abhor Fandom/Wikia? Do you miss the days when trying to find out cool information about a game you liked involved calling an actual phone number, buying an overpriced strategy guide, or clicking through a webring until you got to the homepage of some nerd who decided to copy out a big table of data onto their personal webshine? This section is here to bring you the best of that lastmost category, and I hope it will eventually be populated with glossaries of minor characters who don't matter, breakdowns of my worthless pet theories, and perhaps even some overzealous documentation of Yasumi Matsuno's tweets.


Beyond the Brave Story: A glossary of people, places, organizations, and other things that only appear in relation to the game's side quests, character biographies, or tavern rumors.

Character Birthdays and Astrological Shipping Wall: A list of all the of the birthdays/signs of Final Fantasy Tactics' cast and a dorky compilation as to what the video game mechanics say about various pairings that have featured in fanfiction about the game.

References to Other Games: A list of allusions to other video games that appear in Final Fantasy Tactics.

St. Ajora's Gender: A compilation of the contradictory evidence available as to whether the founder of the Glabados religion was a man or a woman.

Miscellany: Everything else. Information regarding parts of the plot it's easy to miss, contradictions that I still haven't figured out, and bits and pieces of trivia pertaining to the game.


Game Transcript: A project to comprehensively list all variants of the game's script across all major localizations, fan translations, and mods.

Character Biographies: A full list of the character biographies appearing in game.

Propositions: A full list of all the side quests available at taverns, showing both pertinent in-game information and accompanying flavor text/summaries.

Generic Unit Roster: A comprehensive list of named generic units, their names, and their in-game quotations.

Rumors: A list of the in-game rumors one can find in taverns.

Treasures and Unexplored Lands: A full list of the treasures and unexplored lands that might be discovered by doing the games side quests.


Oeilvert Walkthrough for Pablo's Stories: A guide to navigating the initial portion of the sound novel Oeilvert.


Portraits: An incomplete dump of in game portraits, harvested specifically so that my associates could make dumb memes to post to reddit.