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This page links to various collections of various arrangments and remixes of popular songs from Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack, focusing on content that was originally released in MIDI format.

Note: Sequencers/remixers are credited where information about them is available. As with my archive of fanfiction links, artists who wish their work not to be showcased on this site need only ask and content produced by them will be removed.

Antipyretic (3 versions)

Character Making (3 versions)

Delita's Theme (4 versions)

Decisive Battle (4 versions)

Hero's Theme (4 versions)

Ovelia's Theme (3 versions)

Ovelia's Worries (3 versions)

Remnants (3 versions)

Run Past Through the Plain (2 versions)

Trisection (5 versions)

Zalbag, The Holy Knight (5 versions)