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star 2023, July 7 (♋︎︎︎): Author commentary mode now available on some fics. Feel free to request annotations for anything that strikes your fancy.


2023, July 2 (♋︎︎︎): Transcripts page update with all optional events, a few Links have also accrued over time.

2023, June 23 (♋︎︎︎): New cake added, along with swank new banners under Links.

2023, May 11 (♉︎︎︎︎): "Cold" and "Swallow" added to Fiction. Other, less wholesome fiction now available elsewhere.

2023, April 14 (♈︎︎︎): New cake added!

2023, April 10 (♈︎︎︎): New Game Info content for Rumors, Treasures, and Unexplored Lands.

2023, March 19 (♓︎︎): "Something Added to the Air" added to Fiction; a cool list of the in-game Propositions/Errands added to Game Info.

2022, November 25 (♐︎): A page for comparing various versions of the game's script is now live on the Game Info page! Also check out the archive of Animal Crossing outfits under Goodies.

2022, October 25 (♏︎): More links are gradually being added to the links page, and a little bit of additional MIDI goodness is being added to music. Other big projects are underway. Stay tuned.

2022, October 21 (♎︎︎): Check out the new Character Biographies section under Game Info! A complete (more or less) transcript of all the Brave Story entries in the game.

2022, September 20 (♍︎︎): Added new doujinshi from my collection; busy working on a new secret part of the site.

2022, September 3 (♍︎︎): New "Goodies" section added to the menu as a new home for the random generators and also some custom fonts I made. A bounty of links to/descriptions of FFT WinAmp skins has been added to Archives. (...also if you are looking for some fic best not mentioned in any detail... it lurks in the dark corners of the site now)

2022, August 7 (♌︎): A random spell generator was created some time ago, and there are also some additional tweaks to the generic unit generator as well as some hidden area fanfiction.

2022, July 4 (♋︎): I made an extremely cursed random ship generator on the Game Info page, and I hope everyone enjoys my fumbling Javascript monstrosities.

2022, July 2 (♋︎): Added both a comprehensive list of generic units and a fun generic unit randomizer to the game info page!

2022, June 20 (♊︎︎): Happy 26th anniversary to Final Fantasy Tactics! A new cake has been added to the cakes page with instructions! Also, a number of link pages have been updated as I continue to surf the waves of the ancient Internet sea.

2022, June 2 (♊︎︎): All hidden portions of the site are now accessible! (Some even via this page!)

2022, May 16 (♉︎︎): Added additional archived works under fiction (as well as the new ficlet "Games"); added some additional music pages ("Remnants" and "Run Past Through the Plain").

2022, April 28 (♉︎︎): Added a list of references in Final Fantasy Tactics to other games under Game Info.

2022, April 24 (♉︎︎): New section under links for unions/fanlistings and a new page for gifs and graphics under Archives.

2022, April 20 (♈︎): Lots of links are getting added (to multiple link pages now!). Fun little graphics/gifs are also popping up to make sorting through content easier.

2022, April 16 (♈︎): Added a music section! Please enjoy some of the best tunes of the MIDI era on the very questionable javascript player I built. :)

2022, April 15 (♈︎): Added info about character birthdays to the Game Info section. A lot of things are also being fiddled with in the background, so please let me know if anything breaks. :(

2022, April 12 (♈︎): ENTIRE SITE OVERHAULED! Everything is prettier and generally a lot more mobile friendly. Also, check out the brand new section with photographs of the fancy cakes I bake. (Also... be on the look out for a new secret section!)

2022, March 28 (♈︎): A very brief walkthrough for the first part of the sound novel Oeilvert is now available under Game Info.

2022, March 23 (♈︎︎): All of the images available on the archived Pumpkinhead main site have links now.

2022, March 21 (♈︎︎︎): Added a few more links to archived webpages to the link page over the past week.

2022, March 13 (♓︎): Overhauled/updated Pumpkinhead archive.

2022, March 12 (♓︎): Added some of my own Livejournal icons to the mix; continued to add many many archived fic links.

2022, March 11 (♓︎): Added "Archives" section, with links to off site fanfiction and a swank collection of Livejournal icons.

2022, January 29 (♒︎): Added "Contempt's Bloom is Forever" to Fiction.

2021, December 2 (♐︎): New webshrine dropped! Check out Damnatio Memoriae: a shrine to Ruvelia Atkascha. (I also switched guestbook providers.)

2021, December 1 (♐︎): A little more meta on Hope Abandons Me.

2021, November 25 (♐︎): I forgot to post an update about it, but I went through and archived the bulk of my output from the Whumptober 2021 challenge (lots and lots and lots of sad drabbles). Recently, I also updated the Hope Abandons Me webshrine with some navelgazey meta and a brand new WinAmp skin!

2021, September 27 (♎︎): Added "Giants and Wyrms" and "Roses to Rule Me" to fic. Added some accompanying pieces to art..

2021, September 4 (♍︎): Added some drabbles about Algus.

2021, August 11 (♌︎): A lot of code has been polished up. "Silence," "Ruins," "Records," and "Histories" have been added to fiction. "The Cuckoo" now lurks on the hidden portion of the site.

2021, August 6 (♌︎): Bam. Have a whole retro webshrine to my favorite terrible undead swordguy.

2021, August 1 (♌︎): I continue to add sites to Links and I'm still working on fixing up some of the site's accessibility issues. I'm also trying desperately to make fetch happen with kiriban again.

2021, July 30 (♌︎): I added links to a few archived websites in the Links section. I also started work on an archive of images from the defunct oekaki site Pumpkinhead.

2021, July 23 (♌︎): Check out the new "Game Info" section, and look out for me filling it with useless trivia!

2021, July 17 (♋︎): I'm slowly going through and tinkering with code. Hopefully I'll address some accessibility issues and have a new section ready to drop in the near future.

2021, March 22 (♈︎): Added some Zalgraf cuddling to art.

2021, February 16 (♒︎): Added many many many fics to this site. "Birthday," "Apogee," "Snow," "Premonition," "Arms," "Constellation," "Favor," "Ghost," "Lesser Carnivora," "Nowhere," "A Parting," "Reckoning," "Transit," "Vassalage," "Echoes," "Hatreds," "In Their Far Venture Stay," "The More Ardent The More Selfish, "Muzzle Flash," and "Stratagem" have all been added to the Fiction page, and there is now a catch-all heap of scraps and snippets that never emerged into full fics. If you know where to look, you can also find "In Memoriam Mei," "Ibi Dolor," "The Fugitive Serpent," "The Impure King," and "A Whited Sepulcher" posted on this site. I also added a picture of Alma with some wings to Art.

2021, January 19 (♑︎): Added a sketch of Ruvelia and Orinus to Art. Changed the splash page to be a giant dragon-chicken. Tinkering with some things not yet linked to on the main page.

2020, October 12 (♎︎): I added a doujinshi page; marvel at all the fan comics I own but can't actually read.

2020, July 15 (♋︎): "Inquietude," "Interruptions," "Victory," and "Custos Fratris Mei" added to Fiction; parts of the Mirabilae series added to Art.

2020, March 1 (♓︎): "Homecoming," "Pilgrimage," "Coins," "Fetters," and "Ex Corporibus" added to Fiction; Zalbag/Wiegraf art added to Art.

2019, December 1 (♐︎): Picture of dorky Modern AU Beoulves added to Art page.

2019, November 21 (♏︎): "Oranges" added to Fiction; sundry other stories added to hidden portion of website; dorky Beoulve crest artwork added to the Art page.

2019, November 12 (♏︎): "Compositor" and "Chebar" added to Fiction.

2019, November 5 (♏︎): "Let Your Curse Be On Me" added to Fiction (Interactive!); artwork for "Tophet" added to Art page

2019, September 17 (♍︎): "Boreas in the Field" added to Fiction.

2019, September 17 (♍︎): "Umbrae" added to Fiction.

2019, September 7 (♍︎): "Miasma" added to Fiction.

2019, August 29 (♍︎): "Nostalgia" added to Fiction.

2019, August 26 (♍︎): "Ex Ornamentis" added to Fiction... if you can find it.

2019, August 22 (♌︎): "Living Still" added to Fiction.

2019, August 19 (♌︎): The splash page now has actual, drawn by me artwork of my two garbage faves.

2019, August 18 (♌︎): Enjoy a bunch of links to Japanese websites whose corpses you can comb via the Internet Archive, a bunch of direct links to all manner of sweet artwork found through my actual corpse combing.

2019, August 16 (♌︎): We are go! All parts of this website have some sort of thing on them now and an actual landing page exists to allow the greater Internet to see them. I'm living my best Y2K life. Enjoy tons of small ficlets that I could and should just keep uploading to aO3, and my very signable guestbook.

2019, July 31 (♌︎): This website has just gotten under way and is very much under construction. Expect a lot of content to appear in the near future. I have a lot of feelings.