miscellany: cake.

One of my fannish hobbies is making weird cakes. Father's Day in 2021 coincidentally fell on the same day as the 24th anniversary of the Japanese release of Final Fantasy Tactics. I made a somewhat morbid cake as a result, creating a replica of Balbanes' tombstone where Zalbag comes to realize that his father was the victim of patricide.

A photo of a cake in the shape of Balbanes Beoulve's tomb

The cake was made with this sculpting cake recipe, some pistachio buttercream dyed to be a little greener, pistachio dust to make it look extra grassy, chocolate melts with embedded pistachios for trees, and some fondant and gumpaste for cliffs, stones, the grave itself, and the mushrooms. A larger image of the cake is also available if you want to marvel over my culinary prowess.

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