miscellany: music and winamp skins.

Below are some cool renderings of Zalbag's Theme from the game (a theme which... technically never plays while he is present), as well as some other music that I feel evokes Zalbag, and a link to a rad WinAmp skin some handsome devil made:

zalbag's theme.

zalbag, the holy knight: a piano version arranged by Toby Sherriff and payed by the phenomenal purpleschala.

holy zalbags!: a prog-rock-inspired version of Zalbag's theme by Jean of mArc (makes for an excellent workout track).

other music.

antipyretic: this arrangement of the battle theme 'antipyretic' by David Peacock has a melancholy feeling that I feel evokes the final battle against Zalbag at Murond.


"a savior of ivalice": a link to my Zalbag-themed WinAmp skin (the first skin I ever made!) at the WinAmp Skin Museum.

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