Neato places you can travel to on the information superhighway.

F F T   A R T

256c; website of Sarumata Kumi; contains a few FFT pieces, most of which are only available on archived versions of the site [Archived FFT works: ]

9616; website (still live!) with very nice art of female characters (mostly generic job classes)

Astro Scope; website of artist Ai Yuduki; has some nice FFT works (and it is actually is still up and running even if it isn't being updated!)

Demi-Paradise, archived website for the doujin circle 進化論; lots of Olan x Balmafula work [Archived works: ]

Final Fantasy Fantasy; archived website of doujinka Ruri Hinayuki; lots of gorgeous Delita x Ramza art [Archived works: ]

FORBIDDEN HEART; website of Tsukasa Akizuki (still live as of 03/2020, although not updated since 2014); contains a large amount of Delita/Ramza, Mustadio/Malak, and Ramza/Luso art http://forbiddenheart.com/top/index.htm

KURONEKAN; archived website of doujinka Hirosato Shinozaki; lots of Olan Durai pieces [Archived works: ]

LAWLESS AREA; website with cute art for both FF6 and FFT; the latter features a lot of pieces featuring the Beoulves and Tingels

leaf; archived website of Kaori Aisaki; lots of Olan and Delita pieces [Archived works: ]

Japonica Scarlet Butterfly; archived website of Aspara; lots of watercolor style artwork [Archived works: ]

Sky Lounge; archived website with gorgeous watercolor artworks for FFT and FF12

家畜小屋 (Livestock Shed?); A blog featuring Algus-related works.

Works by Akira-H (DeviantArt): A variety of works, often featuring the sorts of characters who don't feature in a lot of artwork.

Works by save_scenes (Twitter): Beautiful, ultra-detailed pieces, often focusing on the Temple Knights and the Folles siblings.

F F T   D O U J I N S H I

Crystal Palace by Satou Shuko/CCT (Gen | Zalbag, Ramza): Archived scanlation of a doujinshi regarding Zalbag and Ramza's relationship as brothers; link goes directly to download.

Bishonen Squall: Scans of images from numerous doujin, including a couple of Final Fantasy Tactics ones.

Dragonfly: FFT Doujinshi: Scanlations of several Ramza/Delita doujinshi by the circle CCT.

O T H E R   F F T   S I T E S

A general link/search site that's incredibly useful for finding Japanese Final Fantasy fansites.

The Pumpkinhead oekaki site for Final Fantasy Tactics regretably seems to be no more; however, there is this unoffical support site for it, where you can learn about things like what appears to be an very involved FFT bakery AU. Fun times.

Thorn, an archived Final Fantasy music remix site; if you sort around, you can find a trip hop remix of Ovelia's theme and some Salsa mixes of other FFT pieces, which are things you really ought to listen to.

A site containing a Japanese transcript of Final Fantasy Tactics, with extensive copies of things like sound novel text, unit messages, tutorials, and work history.

FFT会話集: Another transcript of the text of Final Fantasy Tactics in the original Japanese.

Final Fantasy Tactics Game Script by TBaatar: A transcript of the translation for the original PSX version of the game.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Game Script by MostSeriousness: A transcript of the translation for the PSP version of the game.

Sugnuf's Final Fantasy Tactics Story Translation: A fan translation of the game that renders the text such that it is more in keeping with the style of the original PSX translation while rendering things more clearly for English speakers.

Tonberry Factory: A set of English translations of Japanese phrases and content in a variety of games. It has some extensive write ups of propositions and work history for FFT.

Tuffy DaBubba's FFT Page: An archived site containing translations of three out of four of FFT's sound novels as well as a download of the Ivalician font.

J U S T   C O O L   S T U F F

Derle Farms: A milk company that knows what true web design looks like.

Windows 93: A horrible virus-ridden environment full of garbage tier apps.