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[Ramza steps through the gates of Lesalia Castle. A voice calls to him.]

ALMA: Ramza, wait!

[Ramza turns and find Alma standing behind him.]

RAMZA: Alma...

[She folds he hands in front of her.]

ALMA: You were going to leave without telling me?

[Ramza looks away.]

RAMZA: I hate good byes...

[Alma bows her head.]

ALMA: You won't be back, will you?

RAMZA: Delita is alive.

[Alma looks up, blinking.]

ALMA: What?

RAMZA: He helped abduct the Princess.

ALMA: What does all this mean?

[Ramza turns his head.]

RAMZA: I thought he joined Goltana to get back at us... But he seems to be involved more with someone else. Someone other the Delita saved the Princess from being killed for some scheme.

ALMA: Is it true Dycedarg was involved in the kidnapping?

[Ramza turns around to look at her.]

RAMZA: Yes. I'm sure he had his reasons, but I don't know them.

[Alma tightens her folded hands.]

ALMA: So Teta.... Is it...?

[Ramza drops his head.]

RAMZA: Yes...

[She hides her face in her hands, sobbing.]

RAMZA: Alma, listen carefully. I don't know who's behind Delita. But he's dangerous. Taking advantage of the war to achieve something vicious.

[Alma looks up at him.]

ALMA: Is Delita party to the plot?

[Ramza shakes his head.]

RAMZA: I don't know. He seemed to have his own ideas about things though.

ALMA: You're fighting against them?

RAMZA: ...

[Alma looks suddenly at him.]

ALMA: I'll go with you.

RAMZA: Are you out of your mind? Of course not!

ALMA: I want to prove what you're saying is true!

[Ramza begins to walk away.]

RAMZA: No, no.

[Alma follows behind him, shaking a fist.]

ALMA: I don't want to see another Teta!!

[He turns back to her.]

RAMZA: Alma......

MAN'S VOICE: Ramza Beoulve, aren't you?

[Both turn to see a man in priestly robes approaching with two knights.]

PRIEST: I'm Zalmo Rusnada, Heresy Examiner! I order you to appear at a heresy hearing on suspicion of murder and heresy! You will follow us! Any resistance will force us to execute you immediately!

[More troops approach.]

RAMZA: Heresy Examiner??

[Alma turns sharply to him.]

ALMA: Run! Brother!!

ZALMO: I won't let you! Get him! Kill the 'heretic'!


ZALMO: Opposing us is the same as blasphemy! It's not too late! Repent! And your life will be saved!

RAMZA: Why am I a 'heretic'? I haven't done anything.

ZALMO: Don't be coy! You killed Draclau and took the Holy Stone to give it to a demon!

RAMZA: That's a false charge! It was an 'evil stone' with vicious power, not like the legend. Further, the Cardinal became the legendary 'Lucavi' with its evil power!!

ZALMO: You dare to hurt him too? Oh... for shame! You are a disgrace to the Beoulve name!

ALMA: Brother! Run! Hurry!! Those he takes never return! Run! Hurry!

RAMZA: You should run, Alma! Or you too, will be branded a 'heretic'! Hurry and run!!

ALMA: I can't leave you alone here!


ZALMO: You 'heretics' don't fear God!! I'll fix you!

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