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This is a collection of my fanfiction, some of which has also been archived elsewhere. All works on this portion of the site should be suitable for teen audiences, although pieces with potentially disturbing or suggestive content have been labeled according to their contents. For other portions of this site that might be suitable to a wider range of readers, please consult the tiny Delita on my Contact page.

Fics with dark or troubling content have been marked with a skull (Skull) and shipfic is marked with a symbol describing the gender combination (M/F, F/F, or M/M). Fics of that are my personal favorites among things I've written are marked with a heart (Heart).


(Compositions of exactly 100 words).

skullM/MBase (Algus/Delita | Non-Explicit Sexual Content): Algus considers an affair with Delita.

M/FBite (Beowulf/Reis): Beowulf attends to a wound.

Birthday (Agrias, Meliadoul): Meliadoul discusses gift giving.

skullBlood (Delita, Tietra | Character Death, Graphic Imagery): Delita makes a final attempt to revive his sister.

skullCoquette (Gaffgarion | Character Death): Gaffgarion muses on the end.

Decline (Alma, Balbanes): Alma believes she recognizes the reasons for her homecoming.

Dread (Baert): The head of the Baert company reckons with his fate.

heartM/FEntreaty (Delita/Ovelia): An epilogue to an epilogue.

F/FFalls (Agrias/Ovelia): Agrias takes a tumble.

skullFires (Delita, Olan | Character Death): Delita does not meet with Olan.

M/FFlinch (Delita/Ovelia): Ovelia does not ask.

Gearwork (Mustadio): Mustadio drifts to sleep after being assaulted by a man of metal.

skullHeroics (Wiegraf, Zalbag | Implied Violence/Torture): Wiegraf speaks to Zalbag in the wake of a victory against Romanda.

Moons (Balmafula): Balmafula reflects as she awaits her fate in Zeltennia.

skullMouse (Rafa | Implied Sexual Abuse): Rafa flees Riovanes.

Name (Algus): Algus weathers his mother's naivete.

Nightmares (Delacroix): Cardinal Delacroix contemplates his dreams.

skullPowder (Golagros | Character Death): A few moments before the blaze.

skullReconciliation (Izlude, Vormav | Implied Violence/Torture): Izlude falters in a duty.

skullRiovanes (Ramza, Belias | Character Death): Ramza falls.

heartStone (Ramza, Rafa): The zodiac stone mechanics remain a mystery when it comes to tragic plot points.

Stumble (Algus, Delita): Algus makes his way towards Igros.

A Toast (Gustav, Elmdor): Gustav faces his end.

Weapon (Algus, Zalbag): With the Lucavi victorious, Algus once again encounters Zalbag.

Victory (Dycedarg, Zalbag): Dycedarg thinks through the ramifications of the end of the Romandan phase of the war.


A series of short pieces all in the same ficverse and all featuring the same headcanons; presented in chronological order.

skullLying In (470 words | Dycedarg | Graphic Imagery): During the Fifty Years War, Dycedarg is injured on the Romandan front.

heartRecords (801 words | Alma, Ovelia, Simon): Simon undertakes a library project.

skullNostalgia (683 words | Wiegraf, Miluda, Gustav | Violence): Wiegraf is struck by an arrow in a siege during the Fifty Years War.

Miasma (523 words | Delita, Tietra): The Hyral children are sent to wander the countryside on a hot summer day.

Simples (622 words | Alma, Ovelia, Simon): Alma engages in unauthorized gardening at Orbonne.

skullChebar (456 words | Vormav, Meliadoul | Child Neglect/Abuse): Vormav considers past revelations as regards the death of his wife and the nature of God.

F/FOranges (743 words | Alma/Tietra) Alma and Tietra share fruit and folklore.

skullSilence (604 words | Barrington, Rafa | Implied Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Violence) Barrington discusses the nature of heroism.

Bout (744 words | Dycedarg, Zalbag, Ramza, Alma, Teta): The Beoulve brothers spar in the rain.

Homecoming (412 words | Balbanes, Delita, Ramza): Balbanes is greeted by his son after returning from the Ordallian front.

heartDraught (525 words | Balbanes, Dycedarg): Dycedarg and his father share some tea.

Theophagy (346 words | Wiegraf, Miluda): Miluda and Wiegraf try to forage for food as they flee the pursuit of the Hokuten.

Cockatrice (904 words | Wiegraf, Miluda, Golagros): Brilliant decisions are made by starving revolutionaries; surprisingly light-hearted for this group.

Apogee (805 words | Golagros, Tietra): Golagros Levine thinks through the impressiveness of his revolutionary mission.

Umbrae (368 words | Golagros, Tietra): Golagros offers some not terribly reassuring reassurances.

Snow (266 words | Ramza): Ramza recalls strange visions in the aftermath of Zeakden.

Presumptions (350 words | Wiegraf): Wiegraf wanders back towards Gallione after escaping the Hokuten..

heartBoreas in the Field (1,660 words | Alma, Ramza, Zalbag, Dycedarg): Alma tries to adjust to life with her two older brothers. This involves a lot of symbolic plants.

heartskullPremonition (666 words | Alma, Dycedarg | Incestuous Desire): Dycedarg has troubled dreams of the other member of his household fated to be a Lucavi's vessel..

A Disorderly House (737 words | Gaffgarion, Ramza, Rad): Gaffgarion drags his underlings to a house of ill repute and dispenses some protips about life.

Pilgrimage (762 words | Gaffgarion, Ramza, Rad): As Gafgarion's company approaches Orbonne, Ramza remembers just how long it's been since he severed ties with his family.

Histories (530 words | Agrias, Ramza) Agrias and Ramza talk on the road to Lesalia.

Games (494 words | Delita, Olan): Delita and Olan play chess.

heartJehovahjirah (469 words | Wiegraf, Izude): Wiegraf and Izlude discuss the mechanics of martyrdom.

skullBruises (598 words | Izlude, Meliadoul | Character Death, Graphic Imagery): Meliadoul finds her brother.

heartskullInquietude (862 words | Ramza, Delita | Graphic Imagery): Ramza and Delita share a few moments of awkward conversation during their meeting in Zeltennia.

F/FDaydream (291 words | Agrias/Ovelia): Ovelia watches Agrias depart for the last time.

M/FFables (396 words | Beowulf/Reis): Beowulf awakens next to his beloved.

Rot (300 words | Dycedarg): Dycedarg stumbles his way through the field at Bethla.

Boyhoods (293 words | Orlandu): Cid is reminded of a particular wound.

skullTophet (564 words | Dycedarg, Adrammelech | Character Death, Violence): Dycedarg makes his deal.

heartM/FRuins (489 words | Delita/Ovelia) After the war, the royal couple travels to Gallione.

skullM/FMaiden Strewments (307 words | Delita/Ovelia | Character Death, Sexual Content, Violence): Ovelia's thoughts upon dying.

skullM/FSanbenito (396 words | Olan/Balmafula): Balmafula walks away from Olan's pyre.


Fics about unconventional, uncommon, and/or unintuitive ships; exactly 1,000 words each.

M/FArms (1,000 words | Ovelia/Mustadio): Ovelia allows Mustadio to instruct her in the basics of gun use.

M/MConstellation (1,000 words | Ramza/Olan | Non-Explicit Sexual Content): Olan and Ramza meet one last time before the former's arrival in Zeltennia.

M/FFavor (1,000 words | Ramza/Ovelia): Ovelia bids Ramza a brief but fond farewell as he departs Lionel Castle.

M/MGhost (1,000 words | Ramza/Orlandu): Cid, after a night in Ramza's company, considers the past.

skullM/MLesser Carnivora (1,000 words | Algus/Izlude | Violence): Izlude is subject to a strange encounter when the Templarate stop by Limberry.

M/MNowhere (1,000 words | Ramza/Rad): Owing to a shortage of funds on the part of their employer, two mercenaries find themselves sharing a bed.

heartM/MA Parting (1,000 words | Gaffgarion/Dorter Thief Who Throws His Hat on the Ground): Gaffgarion bestows multiple gifts on a young gentleman whose company he has enjoyed, the first and foremost among these gifts being advice.

skullM/FPoetry (1,000 words | Algus/Tietra | Canonical Character Death): Tietra considers the nobility of silent suffering.

skullM/MReckoning (1,000 words | Vormav/Cletienne | Sexual Content/Dubious Consent): Cletienne navigates different forms of recognition.

M/MTransit (1,000 words | Delita/Olan): Two men well used to running into one another find themselves awkwardly entangled at a winter festival.

heartskullM/MVassalage (1,000 words | Larg/Dycedarg | Sexual Content/Dubious Consent): Dycedarg envies his friend's aptitude for effacing the past.


Traditional fic that isn't part of a specific series.

F/FAmulets and Fortunes (1,282 words | Balmafula/Ovelia | Non-Explicit Sexual Content): Three ways in which kisses do or do not protect.

heartskullCoins (5,152 words | Rad, Dycedarg, Gustav, Gaffgarion | Allusions to War Crimes/Rape): In which three less-than-savory characters meet one another roughly a decade before the end of the Fifty Years War.

heartM/MCompositor (772 words | Delita/Ramza, Olan, Alazlam): Delita asks Olan to actually do some astrology; he obliges.

skullM/MContempt's Bloom is Forever (4,600 words | Wiegraf/Zalbag, Miluda, Dycedarg | Dubious Consent): Twenty-three instants in which nothing will change.

M/FDetail Work (2,483 words | Agrias/Mustadio, Worker 8): Agrias punches a robot and contemplates her feelings on human perception, needlework, and Mustadio.

skullDrowning (248 words | Simon | Character Death, Violence): A brisk history of an Inquisitor's life.

heartskullEchoes (1,711 words | Dycedarg, Zalbag, Ruvelia, Delita | Violence): During a winter in the capital, Zalbag voices his suspicions regarding the ultimate fate of the Hyral children.

M/FGrace of Sundays (506 words | Dycedarg/Ruvelia): An exchange between less-than-fond lovers.

Hatreds (2,101 words | Algus, Ramza): Ramza considers his past as he has cause once again to meet with the last son of House Sadalfus.

heartM/FInterruptions (3,292 words | Dycedarg/Ruvelia, Zalbag, Larg, Orinus): On the day set aside to celebrate Orinus Atkascha's first birthday, Dycedarg finds himself subject to a string of continuous disturbances as he waits about the Lesalian Imperial Palace.

skullIn Their Far Venture Stay (1,711 words | Gaffgarion, Rad | Allusions to War Crimes): In late December, Gaffgarion finds reason to believe the Touten have an unanticipated follower.

skullFetters (10,007 words | Alma, Dycedarg, Meliadoul, Miluda, Wiegraf, Zalbag | Character Death, Violence | AU): Wiegraf, after surviving Riovannes, contends with his faint and unsteady existence alongside Belias.

M/FGiants and Wyrms (3,584 words | Reis/Beowulf, Mustadio, Besrudio, Worker 8): Four Heretics Return to Lionel

M/MLiving Still (1,006 words | Ramza/Delita): King Delita heads East on a diplomatic mission.

skullF/FThe More Ardent, The More Selfish (1,291 words | Agrias/Ovelia | Violence | Vampire AU): Agrias attempts to both avenge and restore her dead queen. Technically, she succeeds.

M/MMuzzle Flash (5,284 words | Mustadio/Algus | Slight Sexual Menacing): Algus has a strange encounter as the Marquis' company passes through Lionel.

heartF/FRoses to Rule Me (498 words | Alma/Ovelia): Alma and Ovelia and an afternoon in a meadow.

M/FSlave of Nature (523 words | Delita, Ruvelia): Delita visits with a former monarch.

Sum of Our Deeds (2,414 words | Agrias, Orlandu): A young Agrias has a brief brush with the general of the Southern Sky during her first assignment as a member of the Lionsguard.

heartM/MStratagem (444 words | Wiegraf/Zalbag | Non-Explicit Sexual Content): On the road to Zeakden, Zalbag tries to reduce his memories down to abstractions.

Supplication (400 words | Elmdor): At the Sand Rats' Cellar, the Marquis of Limberry contemplates his fate.

skullTools (407 words | Mustadio | Violence): Mustadio is detained by Baert's men.


This and that.

The Scrap Heap: An assortment of short ficlets and scenes that didn't make it into a full, cohesive piece.


Fanfiction You Can Play!

heartskullLet Your Curse Be On Me (13,361 words across all possible playthroughs | Dycedarg, Zalbag, Balbanes | Violence, Mentions of Pregnancy/Miscarriage/Death in Chilbirth): An interactive fiction piece made for the 2019 Unconventional Fanworks Exchange; an episode featuring the older Beoulve brothers in the Fifty Years War; designed for audiences unfamiliar with the game