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This page serves as a hub for an ongoing project to try to document as many versions of the Final Fantasy Tactics script I can find available. Presently it includes text from the original Japanese, the original PSX translation, the War of the Lions remaster, fan translations by Sugnuf and Chira, and the Saudade Fantasy Tactics and Second Read rewrite mods (Note: The Second Read script is also freely available as a base text for personal mods for the Lion War 2.0; there is also a variant that modifies difficulty in addition to the script). Transcripts by TBaatar, RevenantThings, the webmaster of G's Cemetery, and this diligent blogger were all of tremendous use in assembling and checking the text that appeared in actual in-game releases.

Note: At present, only excerpts from key scenes of Chira's translation are available on this site. (Check out their archived site for the rest!) There are also some gaps in transcription where I was unable to trigger certain battle dialogue in some mods or did not track decision-dependent dialogue through all routes. Expect to see many additional tweaks and updates to this page over time.

Feel free to report any typos or missing content.


  1. CUTSCENE: Prayer of Queen Ovelia

  2. STORY BATTLE: Orbonne Abbey

  3. CUTSCENE: Cadets

  4. STORY BATTLE: Gariland Magic City

  5. CUTSCENE: Death of Father Balbanes

  6. STORY BATTLE: Mandalia Plains

  7. CUTSCENE: First Meeting with Cadet Algus

  8. CUTSCENE: Reunion with Dycedarg

  9. CUTSCENE: At Igros Castle

  10. STORY BATTLE: Sweegy Woods

  11. STORY BATTLE: Slums of Dorter

  12. CUTSCENE: After Gustav!

  13. STORY BATTLE: Cellar of the Sand Mouse

  14. CUTSCENE: Rescue of Marquis Elmdor

  15. CUTSCENE: Master of Gallione

  16. STORY BATTLE: Thieves Fort

  17. CUTSCENE: Lady of the Death Corps

  18. CUTSCENE: Attack by the Death Corps!

  19. CUTSCENE: Delita's Anger

  20. CUTSCENE: Reed Pipe

  21. STORY BATTLE: Lenalia Plateau

  22. CUTSCENE: One Rock and a Small Ripple

  23. STORY BATTLE: Windmill Shed

  24. STORY BATTLE: Fort Zeakden

  25. CUTSCENE: And I Escaped...


  1. CUTSCENE: Ovelia Chase

  2. STORY BATTLE: Dorter Trade City

  3. STORY BATTLE: Araguay Woods

  4. STORY BATTLE: Zirekile Falls

  5. CUTSCENE: Reunion with Delita

  6. STORY BATTLE: Zaland Fort City

  7. CUTSCENE: Machinist

  8. CUTSCENE: Worries of Ovelia

  9. STORY BATTLE: Bariaus Hill

  10. CUTSCENE: Dycedarg's Plans

  11. CUTSCENE: Cardinal Draclau and the Holy Stone

  12. CUTSCENE: Those Who Seek the Holy Stone [Optional]

  13. STORY BATTLE: Zigolis Swamp

  14. STORY BATTLE: Slums of Goug

  15. CUTSCENE: Besrodio Rescue

  16. CUTSCENE: Delita's Advice

  17. CUTSCENE: Cardinal's Wrath

  18. STORY BATTLE: Bariaus Valley

  19. STORY BATTLE: Golgorand Execution Site

  20. CUTSCENE: Those Who Use, Those Who Get Used

  21. CUTSCENE: Vow for Vengeance [War of the Lions]

  22. STORY BATTLE: Lionel Castle (Gate)

  23. STORY BATTLE: Zirekile Falls II [War of the Lions]

  24. STORY BATTLE: Lionel Castle (Inside)

  25. CUTSCENE: The Lion War Outbreak


  1. CUTSCENE: T. G. Cid

  2. STORY BATTLE: Goland Goal City

  3. CUTSCENE: First Meeting with Olan

  4. CUTSCENE: Reunion with Zalbag

  5. STORY BATTLE: Back Gate of Lesalia Castle

  6. CUTSCENE: As a 'Heretic'

  7. CUTSCENE: Confessions of Simon

  8. STORY BATTLE: Orbonne Abbey (Underground Book Storage Second Floor)

  9. STORY BATTLE: Orbonne Abbey (Underground Book Storage Third Floor)

  10. STORY BATTLE: Orbonne Abbey (Underground Book Storage First Floor)

  11. CUTSCENE: Velius

  12. OTHER: The Germonik Scriptures

  13. OTHER: Encounter at Dorter Trade City

  14. CUTSCENE: Ovelia and Delita

  15. CUTSCENE: Stampede [War of the Lions]

  16. CUTSCENE: The Hunter [War of the Lions]

  17. STORY BATTLE: Grog Hill

  18. CUTSCENE: Son of T. G. Cid

  19. STORY BATTLE: Yadrow Fort City

  20. CUTSCENE: Divine Rafa

  21. STORY BATTLE: Zeltennia Chapel [War of the Lions]

  22. STORY BATTLE: Yuguo Woods

  23. CUTSCENE: Ambitions of Prince Barinten

  24. STORY BATTLE: Riovanes Castle (At the Gate)

  25. CUTSCENE: Escaping Alma

  26. STORY BATTLE: Riovanes Castle (Inside)

  27. CUTSCENE: Scars of a Tragedy

  28. STORY BATTLE: Riovanes Castle (Roof)

  29. CUTSCENE: The Other Power

  30. CUTSCENE: The Lying Heart


  1. CUTSCENE: Those Who Squirm in Darkness

  2. CUTSCENE: The Man With the Holy Stone

  3. STORY BATTLE: Doguola Pass

  4. STORY BATTLE: Bervenia Free City

  5. CUTSCENE: A Common Chord [War of the Lions]

  6. STORY BATTLE: Finath River

  7. CUTSCENE: Delita's Thoughts

  8. STORY BATTLE: Church Outside of Town (Zeltennia)

  9. CUTSCENE: Unstoppable Cog

  10. STORY BATTLE: Bed Desert

  11. CUTSCENE: Seized T. G. Cid

  12. STORY BATTLE: Bethla Garrison (South Wall)

  13. STORY BATTLE: Bethla Garrison (North Wall)

  14. CUTSCENE: Assassination of Prince Larg!

  15. STORY BATTLE: Bethla Garrison (Sluice)

  16. CUTSCENE: Rescue of Cid

  17. CUTSCENE: Prince Goltana's Final Moments

  18. OTHER: Encounter at Zardighas

  19. STORY BATTLE: Germinas Peak

  20. STORY BATTLE: Lake Poeskas

  21. CUTSCENE: Ambitions of Dycedarg

  22. STORY BATTLE: Limberry Castle (Gate)

  23. CUTSCENE: Men of Odd Appearance

  24. STORY BATTLE: Limberry Castle (Inside)

  25. STORY BATTLE: Limberry Castle (Inner Courtyard) [War of the Lions]

  26. STORY BATTLE: Limberry Castle (Underground Cemetery)

  27. CUTSCENE: The Mystery of Lucavi

  28. CUTSCENE: Delita's Betrayal

  29. CUTSCENE: Mosfungus

  30. STORY BATTLE: Dorter Trade City [War of the Lions]

  31. STORY BATTLE: Igros Castle

  32. CUTSCENE: Funeral's Final Moments

  33. STORY BATTLE: St. Murond Temple

  34. STORY BATTLE: St. Murond Temple (Hall)

  35. STORY BATTLE: St. Murond Temple (Chapel)

  36. CUTSCENE: Requiem

  37. STORY BATTLE: Orbonne Abbey (Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor)

  38. STORY BATTLE: Orbonne Abbey (Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor)

  39. CUTSCENE: Entrance to the Other World

  40. STORY BATTLE: Murond Death City

  41. STORY BATTLE: Murond Death City (Lost Sacred Precincts)

  42. STORY BATTLE: Murond Death City (Graveyard of Airships I)

  43. STORY BATTLE: Murond Death City (Graveyard of Airships II)

  44. CUTSCENE: Reunion and Beyond...

  45. CUTSCENE: Ending Cinematic

  46. CUTSCENE: Things Obtained



  1. CUTSCENE: Steel Ball Found!

  2. OTHER: Encounter at Lesalia

  3. STORY BATTLES: Colliery Underground

  4. CUTSCENE: The Steel Giant Starts!

  5. CUTSCENE: Celestial Globe Found!?

  6. STORY BATTLE: Nelveska Temple

  7. CUTSCENE: Reis's Curse

  8. CUTSCENE: Summon Cloud!

  9. STORY BATTLE: Zardighas Trade City


  1. STORY BATTLE: The Godless Thief [War of the Lions]

  2. STORY BATTLE: The Sky Pirate [War of the Lions]


  1. CUTSCENE: A Voice From the Past [War of the Lions]

  2. STORY BATTLE: Lionel Castle (Gate) [War of the Lions]

  3. STORY BATTLE: Lionel Castle (Interior) [War of the Lions]

  4. CUTSCENE: Reis' Rescue [War of the Lions]


  1. CUTSCENE: Deep Dungeon Rumors

  2. STORY BATTLE: The End


  1. CUTSCENE: Reunion with Ovelia [War of the Lions]

  2. CUTSCENE Gift of the Magi [War of the Lions]

  3. STORY BATTLE: Thieves' Fort [War of the Lions]